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Gaberalla's Magick World
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Merry Meet!

 Hi my name is Gaberalla Xylia Emerald.
 What I am going to do here is tell you a little about who I am who I am, I am a Witch.
 The path that I study is Wiccan and Pagen
. I first come in contact with the craft when i was younger
. I have always loved the out doors, and it always seem to be calling to me.
 I believe in the Wiccan Rede and stand bye it all the way.
 "Harm None!!!"

The place that has helped me out the most is Witch School, located at .
 I have Completed my First Degree of Correllion Tradition.
When i got involved over the net it was a wonderful experance.
The mentors are very helpful expecilly Rev. Morgana.
She has been a wonderful help no matter how hard the answer is she is able to finds a way to explain it to me with out a problem of me understanding.
Which helps out a lot.
 Then i meet a group of wonderful people from Witch school.
 They are all a part of the Ivy Moon Coven.
I've been a member since 3/5/2002.
We have had online rituals.
Which has been a great learning experance to all of us, and i expect to stay involved for a very long time.
As of lately i have found anouther group that is also intresting to me as well.
Wise Warm Wisdom Witches. 
It seems to be like a very close family of females only, sorry. 
They seem to be very wonderful group of ladies. 
Very open and enjoy to talk. :-)   
I just joined then about a week ago, but they welcomed me with open arms.  And that was what I was looking for. 
I'm planning on being involved for a while cause it seems to be a place I like to be. 


What's New?

3/22/02 First created this web page
2/11/03 Totally fixed the page!!!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.