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About Gaberalla

Thing in my like that has turned me towards Wicca

I've always have been very fond of the outdoors. The more I enjoyed it the more i wanted to be one with it. I was always getting my self into trouble and leaning to the path help me get myself more grounded.. So I would go off bye myself and enjoy the time alone. I would normally bring along a book and find a nice spot to sit and read. Evencally i that about witch craft as an option for something for me to learn.
With the help of books I have became to understand Wicca and Pagan a lot better then i could from word of mouth. Never really had anyone that practice or learn with. So I was pretty much on my own. Which is good but someone to ask questions to also helps.  But now aI have two very friendly groups that are willing to talk about almost anything.
That's why i was very greatful when I found Witch school. I found it shortly after getting the internet. It has been a great help and all. I plan on continueing untill I can go no fearther. So here I am to stay!


My full Wiccan name!

Gaberalla Xylia Emerald is my full name. Always have loved the name Gaberal but that it needed something so added the la.  Xylia means vilot, love the flower. And you guessed it Emerald means greeen.